Monday, 9 July 2012

What is your Perfect Pair

Have you picked your Perfect Pair yet?  Me, I have 2 chosen , my favorite is Sophia, and then I'm also ordering from the Believe/Wonderland.  Tomorrow is the last day of Dreamin' Paper Packet and Harvest Charms, and then we are unto FanFare.

July 6-10 ~ Dreamin' Paper Packet and Harvest Charms

July 11-15 ~ Fanfare Paper Packet and Fanfare L2 Assortment

July 16 -20 ~ Lucky Paper Packet and Lucky MyStickease 

July 21-25 ~ Mayberry Paper Packet and Mayberry MyStickease

July 26-29 ~ Sophia Paper Packet and Sophia MyStickease

July 30-31 ~ Two Different Choices!
Believe Paper Packet and Holiday Pockets


Wonderland Paper Packet and Wonderland MyStickease

So to qualify for the Free Perfect Pair, all you have to do is go shopping on my website, and purchase $75.   At the end of your order you will be prompted on whether you want to add the perfect pair, as well as the SOM.  To start shopping just click here,Shop Now

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