Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day Arts & Crafts at School

On Friday morning I headed to my daughter's school for the first of 2 arts & crafts classes I would be teaching.  My first class was full of very excited grade 1 students.  They were thrilled that they would get to make their mother's a surprise Mother's Day gift. 

Here you see all the materials that I prepped prior to heading off to the school.  Below you will see the sample that I created to show the class the project we'd be putting together.  

Before I left, the class was already asking if I could come back again, so I think it was a huge hit.  I went home for lunch and returned back in the afternoon to then teach my daughter's split class, Jaymee is in grade 3, but her class is a split class of 2 & 3's.  Boy, were they excited to see me come in.  Most of Jaymee's class had just done crafts with me at Jaymee's birthday party, and yes I know I haven't done the post for that yet, but I'm waiting on the pictures from my brother in-law, he is taking the time to edit them all for me.

These little purses might not seem like much, but each purse was a different color, and they got to color in the flowers any color they wanted, so each child had a creation of their very own.  They all turned out fabulous, and I know, I should of taken photos, but can you believe both times I went, I forgot my camera.  However, I do at least have my daughters creation that I can show you.  I think she did a fabulous job.

Jaymee knows my favorite color is blue, so she colored the flowers blue, and don't they just pop off the pink purse.  I especially love her message that she wrote.....that was another bonus, each kid also got to write their own little message to their mother's.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. What a sweet craft to have the children make. I'm sure you helped make the day extra special for lots of Mommies.

  2. What a great project, Michelle!


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