Tuesday, 16 July 2013

First Day at Convention = Shopping at Downtown Disney & More

After a late night exploring the convention centre and learning where the rooms we would be creating in all were located we awoke in a lovely air conditioned room.
Darla and Rosalynd were headed to Leadership day, as I had made plans with Janet McCormick to go shopping at Downtown Disney.

We did lots of shopping and I found a few things for the kids to take home, as I promised I would.  The girls asked for Disney Princesses and Nicholaus asked for Lego.  We had lunch reservations at the Rainforest Cafe, which was absolutely delicious.

If you haven't been to the cafe before it is full of automated jungle creatures.

After we ate I wanted to make sure I got Nicholaus his Lego, so we headed to LegoLand.

Janet and I then headed back to grab a bus so we could go register for Convention and get our name badges.  We ran into another group of ladies also attending convention, and I hit it off with Patty, and we've become good friends.

After Leadership got out for the day, I met up with Darla and lots of other great crafty ladies and we ate at the Pepper Market.(we ate most of our meals there)  We had plans to go swimming, but Darla starting not feeling well which resulted in us going back to our room where we assumed she was suffering from exhaustion.  Not the case what-so-ever.  We ended up calling 911 and Darla took a trip to the local hospital, where it was discovered that it was not exhaustion, but a severe sinus infection.  She ws given prescriptions and came back and got some rest.  Not to worry she was back to her hyper self come morning, and you can read about our first General Session at convention on Thursday.

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  1. It was so fun meeting you at the bus stop Michelle! & you were so kind to come to my rescue with a card for me to use for a gift to one of my mentors! Thank you again for that! I really, really hope you can make it to Convention 2014 at Disneyland California!I am really enjoying your convention blog posts!


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