Sunday, 21 July 2013

Awards Banquet.....great way to end Day 2 of Convention

So, I ended my last post telling you that Darla and I had to rush back to our room to get ready for the awards banquet.  When we got to the room Rosalynd was ready.  So a quick change of clothes, refresh the makeup, and fiddle with our hair, we were out the door.  Trying to rush to the convention centre with heels on was slowing us down.  So we took off our shoes and hurried along.  

Thank goodness we already had our table reserved, and we had a fabulous view of the stage and screens.  Lucy had gotten there early and had secured the best seats so that we could all see the stage and screens.  Little did I know that all my friends knew something I didn't.

The meal was great, we started with soft mozzarella and tomatoes with a balsamic vinegar and a slice of prosciutto ham.  Then we had a salad followed by beef tenderloin and chicken with veggies and a risotto.( can't find a pic of the menu, so going my memory here)  The dessert was a chocolate bomb mousse, with Mickey Ears and a strawberry.  It was delicious.

While finishing our dessert, the awards started.  The numbers that some of these ladies bring is phenomenal, and someday, I hope to be pulling numbers close to that too.

So, here in this photo you will notice I haven't clued in yet that the picture you see on the screen is of me and my father......yep, totally oblivious to the fact that they are talking about me, as I am 1 of 2 recipients of the Rising Star award this year.  

Once I realized that I was watching a slideshow about me, I don't even think I heard anything that Monica said.  I was in complete shock.  I am truly honoured that my fellow Canadians nominated me for this award. Have I told you how much I love these ladies?

So to thank my Cross Canada Blog Hop ladies for nominating me, I'm going to thank each of you:  Darla, Brandy, Stephanie, Brae, Rosalynd, Dianne, Terry Ann, Janet, Nicola, Deanne, Candra, Chantal, Carol, Suzette, Joanne, Carrie, Krista, Sheri, Allana, Cheryl, Teresa, Sandra, Famida, Nancy, Arlene, Kathy, Pam and Karen.(if I forgot anyone, I'm sorry)  Thank you, thank you!  I love you all!
The flowers were beautiful, and heavy, and so was the award.  I even got the check to bring home too.  When my craft space is completed, I plan on hanging it on my wall.  Not everyday, you get presented with $1000.00.

Here is all the lovely ladies I had the pleasure to sit with. Starting left, Jennifer, Darla, me, Lucy, Ellen and Jolene(I think)!

Here you will see all the Canadian Winners along with the executive team, of Brian, Kristine and Monica.  It was a fabulous night, and one that I won't ever forget.  I am truly humbled to have been chosen as a Rising Star, and it is only pushing me to do bigger and better.

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  1. Congrats, Michelle!!! What an awesome surprise indeed! Way to show your sparkle! :)


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